Forbox is an Eauropean-wide company that specializes in production and wholesale of gaskets and industrial fittings

Welcome to our international website.
Our offer includes most of all gaskets, various sealing profiles, metal & polyamide fittings and many other products used in wide variety of industries. We cooperate with world leading manufacturers that is why we are able to provide our customers with rich offer. Every client is important to us. We make our best to find for each one of them the exact solution that is needed. We are able to create special products dedicated for individual projects.
By keeping high inventory levels, we can respond to customer's demand very quickly.

Gasket 111 Gasket 11w Gasket Edge

The strenght of our company is people. We are family business located in Poland, central Europe. Our warehouses are situated in Torun - the city in northern part of the country. We cooperate not only with Polish customers but also with many other international clients, mostly from UE.